Delicious Food With Superb Quantity!

We, at SWEET ‘N’ SPICE, try our best to give you an Authentic Indian Culinary Experience. We find a passion for making great food. We don’t just cook, we treat you to delicacies.

“Best Indian food in north East region”
We have eaten here many times and it just gets better and better. Great staff , wonderful owners and superb food. Try this and enjoy… I feel u got to go to Dublin to get similar quality…. And even then I think here is better. Recommend every time..

Tom C

“5 Star Rating”
Great food, great restaurant and service.
How more people don’t eat Indian food is beyond me,
incredible spices and flavors!

Conor Kerr

Sweet ‘N’ Spice
Get A new Experience in choosing the right Quality and Quantity from Our Bakery & Restaurant.

We hope you enjoy it.